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J nyle
J nyle
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The melodic, and mellow sounding vocals J nyle possesses is one that many wished they had. His international style of mixed genres amazes many, Pop,R&B, Reggae
It's Love-Official Lyrics Video
The talented young lad with the Golden voice has dreams like everyone, but one extends further than anyone else?s... To be the best at what he does, not to prove, but to be an inspiration. Music has been a part of J nyle?s life from he was a toddler, but now J-Nyle puts his ability to work and is now referred to as a prodigy in the music industry which he has been apart of for approximately 3 years. He wants to get people want they want in order for him to get what he wants. What does he want? To do what he loves best. Struggles have evolved in J nyle?s life but although he is young, he has gotten through all of them that this world has brought forth. A lot of people wished that they had the opportunity that J nyle has but don't know how to put that into action,J nyle says: "all you have to do is just believe in yourself and for your wishes to come though you have to work towards it".There will always be people inside and outside the industry who will try to decelerate your music career but as long as you believe in yourself and your dreams, nothing can stop you. This is one of the things J nyle influences on his peers. J nyle treasures what he has and is hoping to achieve more in the next few years. J nyle is the son of singer Trevor Jordan who has had a long career in music as a solo artist. Following in his steps ,J nyle's voice is a dead stamp of his father's. The deep, melodic, and mellow sounding vocals J nyle possesses is one that many wished they had. His international style of mixed genres amazes many, Pop,R&B, Reggae and Dancehall Music. He taught himself to play the keyboard, he does his own voice training, his father taught him to play the guitar, and on top of everything, J nyle self produces a lot of his material. His debut single "It's Love", a great introduction to the artist's career, gave him a lot of publicity."It's Love" was made with a lover in mind... It relates to anyone who has every been in love with someone and proves to be a great song. "It's Love" is fit for anything pertaining to love, breakup or anything with feelings involved. Females cry when they listen, males think about a special girl when they hear the words of the song. "Have you ever loved someone, Have you ever seen someone and, you get butterflies inside show them a love that you can't hide. Have you ever missed a girl just to know that she's your world.. Then its love (Then its love girl)".... The chorus of the song tells the story of the whole composition in short. J nyle is working on his debut album entitled "School Boy...Star In The Making". His sensual style of pop, R&B, Reggae and Dance hall, has been combined into one whole album. J nyle is not just fit for Jamaican music, but is also fit to be one of the greatest international prodigies that has ever evolved from Jamaica. And he is just getting started!
Band/artist history
At the start of my career, I used to perform at school services and i used to rely on my guidance counselor to get performances for me as she was also the choir director. I used to be school based, but now, I am being booked by event promoters and party people for me to perform at their events. Just to remember how i was at the start in 2007, I have really gotten more experience and publicity. Now i have fans in the streets promoting me and my music and making sure that I get the amount of publicity needed.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I like performing on stage. It give me more experience and the more i perform the more i learn stage presence. There was one time though, I went on stage and the crowd started booing. But once i started singing, everyone stopped booing and the cheers that I was receiving was awesome.
Your musical influences
Sean Paul, Mavado, Shaggy, Justin bieber, Jason derulo, Chino, Stephen Mcgregor
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools 8
Anything else?
Fans just stay tuned and be on the look out for new music from me, J nyle. Please support me and go buy my debut single "It's Love" on itunes.