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Flux of Humour
Flux of Humour
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An interesting mix of different noises, all in the same place. most of them are free. some have sexual references but it's pretty subtle. (see, i've covered mus
Check out the site!! : This is my video of the song Uketet from the demo cd 'Cheaper Than Therapy' : I'm playin ukulele at KLUB ('Tired of You' Cover @ 303) Welcome to an experience into the soundscape of my mind. Since being hatched in 1976 flux of humour has used the medium of sound in an attempt to explain the world. Failing that, he decided to have some fun and add to the noise that already deafens us in our everyday lives. Hopefully you will be able to lose yourself, even for a few minutes, and allow your internal dialog to tell you something you've been needing to hear.
Band/artist history
2012: Working on the CD/DVD release 2011: Started to work on a combined Uke, Guitar, Techno CD/DVD 2010: Playing uke and guitar at a few open mic nights around Melbourne 2009: I'm going to be selling my new(ish) uke based cd this sunday (8/3/2009) at the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective Residency @ Edinburgh Castle. 8 tracks of uke/electro/tech madness! (and this time the cd has actual cover art!) will be playing so come along and join in the Ukulele Kraziness! When: Every Sunday in March (5pm onwards) Location: Edinburgh Castle, 681 Sydney Rd, Brusnswick Street: 681 Sydney Rd, Crn Sydney Rd and Albion Street, Brunswick 2008: Lots of stuff with Go check 'em out. (http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/m-u-k/) 2007: Australia Day Parade with 2006: Counterfeit Gypsies cd launch with ABC show "Spicks and Specks" with Retreat Hotel with 2005: Released album "Deciphering the Fools Game" at "Movement III" (Held at ) 2004: Tracks from "In No Particular Order" and "Family Tree" played on PBS radio(106.7fm, Melbourne, Australia) 2003: Performed at the 2003 Fringe Festival (Melbourne, Australia). Performed Tracks from the demo cd "Kismet" at the opening night of "Movement" (Held at )
Your musical influences
Nine Inch Nails Mouse from Mars Aphex Twin Beck Atari Teenage Riot Skinny Puppy Snog Bill Hicks Tug Dumbley
What equipment do you use?
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