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Adam Chase
Adam Chase
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Someone who drinks alot, parties, doesn't take life seriously. Oh wait, this isn't e harmony. Anyways, i write music a ton. Play guitar mostly and compose the m
Well my band is Adam, Adam, Adam and this piece of shit named adam. I hate him. Well i've been writing music since about 14 and playing music roughly around the same time. I've been using programs like Logic, Pro Tools, but i prefer using Mixcraft along with many sorts on VSTi's. All the music you listen to our done by me, my equipment, my money, my room, completley naked. So it's all me, and i learn from doing and each year i get better. I'm more of a comedy kid then a musician, but i love combining them together and just having fun. I'm not into making the next amazing song, or music that will shatter space time continiuem. I wanna make music and have fun. That's why i do it. But then i though "HOLY SHIT, i could make money off this in the future. Time to whore myself" So now i'm working at promoting myself, cause music is all i have. I don't even have self respect. PS: Will send nude photos for $5
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No i don't. YET, need to start finding places to play. But i mostly want fellow musicians on stage, so i'm trying to find that first.
Your musical influences
blink-182 mixed in with some acoustic like Elliot smith or Damien Rice. Add a little Electronic of MGMT and Owl City and finally grab some classical orchestra from Hanz Zimmer or any modern classical i can find.
What equipment do you use?
Strat guitar including Roland amp.
Anything else?
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