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Definitly not a band Dun He's a one man Army with an objective!!! Very versatile and creative inside of the FL Studio Environment. JstreetzBeatz is a new Kid
Madface-Gems Freestyle
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've Performed 5 times thus far and each time it was absolutely captivating seriously. The most memorable was the first performance at UPJ. It was my first time performing in front of more then just family or friends so i was a little nervous. My cousin who goes by the name 13 and my other friend who DJ'd the set DJ Knox kept trying to get me to have a beer, but i kept refusing the offer because i didn't want to be dry mouthed n want another beer in the middle of performing lol. I don't like performing live I LOVE IT & LIVE FOR IT !!
Your musical influences
#1 being my Father n if you ever got the pleasure to listen to him play conga's you'd know why i love hard hitting drum beats so much lol..My second biggest influence when it comes to rappin whether he knows it or not is Tech N9NE n his crew especially scatter man n Snug Brimm shout outs to Big Kriz Kalico too he's Nice yo. After those guys i wouldn't be me if it weren't for Immortal Technique,Apathy, and Busta Rhymes. Now on the other side of the spectrum I definitly have to pay homage to Timbo first of all, n then Beatmakers like Johnny Julliano, Sinima Beats, Shadowville, Shaun Divine, Mister KA, n everybody else out there who's gone before me and have found the formula for success
What equipment do you use?
I really don't wanna answer this question, but i'm never scared so truthfully i'm so basic when it comes to equipment you'd be astonished at the Instrumentals i come out with.. I'm usin a Axiom 25 by M Audio gear, A nice lil Sony Stereo for bomb stereo output sound n FL Studio 8, but i want that 9 so bad i can smell it lol
Anything else?
I would like to Say I thank God First & Foremost for guiding me and continually blessing me through the almost limitless amount of obstacles i've overcome and still do to this day. My family for keeping me grounded, educated, motivated and passionate & to my future wife Debbie for putting up with my shyt, and continually keeping me on point n hater blockin for me lol When i get on Sky's the limit baby n you know that girl. Last but never Least My One True Right Hand man through all this N My Label Head Madface For giving me the Green Light to go ahead n stretch my wings n flex my mind for this
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