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When We Were Kings
When We Were Kings
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A bunch of college kids decided to bring all their previous music history together and form a band. We are from Portland Oregon, and the music scene here is thr
A couple kids from Southern Oregon moved to Portland, some for college and others for work. Were looking to get in to the music scene up here, and eventually go on to record a full length EP sometime soon!
Band/artist history
4 kids (Matt, vocals, Jay, Vocals, Adam Guitarist, Travis, Bass) from moved from Southern Oregon, mostly because it was boring as all hell. But we have now found the promised land in Portland OR. Initially, we had no intentions of making another band, (3 out of the 4 original members were previously in a band together called Shred Among The Dead) but we eventually had a few drunk nights together and said "what the hell, why not." So Adam began writing some ideas for songs, had the rest of the guys come to his dorm room, and the writing process took flight. We started writing song after song until we had about 4 written, then we unleashed our music upon the world. After a couple weeks of our music being up, we found a drummer who interestingly enough works at the same Fred Meyer that Matt (Vocalist) does. This bloak goes by the name of Nick Taylor. We showed him the stuff and basically learned an entire song in a week. It was at this point we saw promise in our new friend nick. Until just recently we were with out a guitarist. But after months of searching, it seems we finally found our guy. Daniel is 21, and an amazing guitarist. He brings an awesome style to the table, and we look forward to making beautiful music with him, both in and out of bed. As of now, we just finished our Ke$ha cover of the song Tik Tok, and im glad people are liking it. We put alot of time into it! =]
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have yet to begin playing shows live, but we start playing shows early February. We are also booking a spring break tour, in a couple big cities all around Oregon.
Your musical influences
The faint whisper of the wind rustling the leaves on a crisp fall day...
What equipment do you use?
Too much to list, and thats not even getting started on the recording equipment haha
Anything else?
We have a show on the 10th of Feb, at the satyricon in Portland!!!! 7pm!! I forget how much!! BE THERE!!
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