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Andy LeFevre
Melodic Folk, Rock and pop with thought provoking lyrics
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Still Under Your Spell
Lost Love E.Crook/A.LeFevre vox Rachel Hack/A LeF
Lyrics by "Didi" E.M.Crook, music by A.P.LeFevre, Vocals by Rachel Hack & Andy LeFevre
You Come By Night
Sharron's songwriting challenge song
Shooting Star
An original song inspired by a meteor shower seen from a camp fire after a cracking North End music party. This brings back those memories - in a flash!!
Based on the magnificent unspoilt island paradise that is Lundy Island, in the Bristol channel and it’s many ‘colourful’ historical characters and events(smugglers, pirates andshipwrecks)- "Oh Lundy Isle" is a concept album years in the planning & making. Hope you history buffs, paradise adventurers and explorers will like it. Accompanying physicalCD's is abeautiful 14 page colour photographic record of Lundy with full lyrics to allit's historical andatmosphere capturingsongs. His debut CD "Raindance" including the 2010 song-of-the-year finalist "Life in Red City" was recorded in late 2010 and is available on iTunes here: Andy's follow-up 2nd album "Reflections" including "Still Under Your Spell" and the 2015 song-of-the-year finalist "Lost Love" was released in Feb. 2016 and is available on iTunes here:
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I perform both solo and with various band combinations with local friends at music clubs and the festival circuit in the Essex area of England.
Your musical influences
As long as a song has a good melody, well crafted lyrics and some originality - I'm probably going to like it and be 'influenced' by it.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars: Taylor 714ce acoustic, Yamaha Pacifica electric, Fender 'Jazz' Bass, Spanish Guitar (a beautiful instrument - made by my brother!), Brunner 'OG' outdoor travel guitar. Mics: C414XLS, Sure Beta 87A, Sure 58s Hard disk recording using Sonar.
Anything else?
Afraid to open my eyes, in case you disappear Although they say it's over that's still painful to hear ("Afraid to Open My Eyes(In case you disappear)" 2004 Andrew Le Fevre) Now your presence invades my mind Every thing I know unwinds I'm weightless, I am weightless How your laughter pervades the air Intoxicates my thoughts, I'm there I'm weightless, I am weightless ("Weightless" 2003 Andrew Le Fevre) Shake the tumbler spill the dice Someone's playing games of sacrifice Those rolling cubes just don't think twice 'bout heaven or hell's admission price ("Admission Price" 2003 Andrew Le Fevre) Do you still ask questions? Do you still bear the scars? Do you still seek answers somewhere amongst the stars? ("Somewhere Amongst The Stars" 1999 Andrew Le Fevre)
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