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RED RED GROOVE electronic dance music industrial/electro/pop
Band/artist history
"Yeh we've been around forever, now it's time to pursue, Hypnotic rhythms of the Red Red Groove" RRG has been the life long music and video collaboration between founder Mike Castle, and a variety of talented people. Red Red Groove operates under the same vision they had back in the beginning, the concept of "Doing what we do whether anyone likes it or not!" The band RRG has gone into many forms and styles over the years. It was 1984, when the band was originally named "Red Red Groovy" (not to be confused with another band later called the same), and consisted of Mikes friends in a full band line up. Playing cover tunes, and writing original material such as the song "I know that you know" 1987 Mike and Paul Haggard kept the name as they lived in Dallas working with the record label "Oak Lawn Records". Paul, and Mike formed the first version of Red Red Groovy that was all electronic, and wrote dance music as well as early industrial tracks for themselves, and others. Mike met Jeff Eleder when Jeff was working on a project that Paul and he were remixing. Destined to work together and become friends Mike eventually moved back to Tulsa In the early 90's Mike combined the talents of two of his friends Jeff Elder and Ross Fletcher. Jeff and Mike worked on a more industrial sounding machine, fusing pop, and industrial dance music. Ross and Mike worked on the video end of the production, constructing visuals for both live shows, and music videos, not to mention loads of tacky comedy mini-movies that have now become cult classics. Mike and Ross also won a contest that Wax Trax Records and the Thrill Kill Kult were having for "Americas sexiest video" to go along with the promotion for the "Sexplosion" album, and tour they were on. The guys were flown to Chicago to accept their winnings, and to see the band perform. A wild time was had .Opening for bands like NIN, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Severed Heads, Front Line Assembly, A Split Second, Consolidated, Echo and the Bunnymen, and loads of others, Red Red Groove fit right in with the industrial revolution which landed the band a spot on one of the best Indutrial compilations of it's time. Industrial music was something the band had dabbled into early on in 1988, however, the band tried to stay with it's love of dance music and obscure pop tracks. This odd combo of styles was rarely seen at the time, and often had fans that either loved or hated them. RRG loved the fact that the hard core industrial fans thought they were too pop, and that the mainstream thought they were too freaky, or hard edged. This balance still haunts RRGs tunes. "The Cyberflesh Conspiracy" compilation was released in 92, the track "No Tears" got the band more fanmail from around the world than ever imagined. Red Red Groove eventually went by the wayside after another band releases an album on a record label with the name of "Red Red Groovy". This devistated the guys into almost fighting the release. Alas money was the ultimate issue, and the guys moved onto several other projects. Jeff started the band "Frustrated Housewives" and has released many albums that can be found at www.frustratedhousewives.com. Ross opened his own chain of fabulous salons. Paul moved to Hollywood and produces music. Mike starts a video business for ambient visuals. The" band name" situation was the age old story that could have happened to anyone, timing was the issue for the guys, and at that time, living in the midwest did not help. 10 years goes by in the blink of an eye. Various fashion show musical projects completed. Various video projects unleashed. Various loves come and go. Various friends die and various friends give birth 1998 Mike sees the future, and the future is red. Starts to work on new tunes with all the old inspirations and some new ones as well. Both Paul and Jeff will be working on remixes for RRG....sounds and images return.Red Red Groove.Return.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
So many special moments to list here, however a small documentary of past live shows will be released on DVD sometime soon.
Your musical influences
So many inspirations come into play
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
www.redredgroove.com redredgroove@aol.com www.myspace.com/redredgroove
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