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Bark Matter
Bark Matter
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All of my many musical ideas/non musical ideas make up B a R K M a T T E R
no end in sight
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don't look down
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everything is alien to mee 81843
Peak position #96
the last dawn
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Trying to start a project that one day will have an original sound. I'm majoring in marketing at school, so I don't think I will need a record deal anytime soon, unless it met all of my needs and left me in 100% control.
Band/artist history
its been about 2 years now, off and on, and only know have i had a focus for this project, both musically and emotionally.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
not really playing live at the moment. I do on occasion get to jam with my guitar teacher and his blues band the delta flyers every once and a while, and its the greatest thing in the world!
Your musical influences
Way too many to list all so here's a few in no particular order: Mnemic, Meshuggah, Arch Enemy, in Flames, Pantera, Black Sabbath, Led Lep, Deep Purple, the beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhoads, Guthrie Govan, Paul Gilbert, God is an astronaut, Oasis, tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, james brown, earth wind and fire, van halen, the police, B.B. King, and so many other blues guitarists but I can't remember their names off the top of my head.
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez XPT700 Xiphos, Gibson Les Paul Studio (it looks like hell but it plays so nice and has such a good sound), Peavey 6505 plus head, Marshall cabs, for recording, I'm using the line 6 toneport, but hoping to upgrade some day when i get some cash flow.
Anything else?
I think alot of people have lost what music is really about, its about having fun and enjoying what your doing, not thinking whether or not your playing good or if your sounding good, or 'that guy plays alot better than me, i'll never be able to that'. People have forgot that music is about a state of mind that is supposed to relax you, not make you tense. Also people have kind of 'cracked to the code' when it comes to popular music, as pretty much anybody can write a song using the four chords that have been used in just about every pop song ever. We know those chords sound good together, lets try and find some other stuff. People have lost the originality factor, because some one sees some one else making money with a particular style, so they copy them in order to cash in as well. Pantera's Phil Anselmo said it best " it seems like band today listen to their 2 favorite bands, and then rip them off completely. It used to be bands would listen to their 10 or 11 favorite bands, and out of that they would be able to find their style." or something very close to that
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