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- Belenger (pronounced be-'laen-gaer) - One man band, one man project (w/ the exception of the drummer) - Always keen to break new ground - A sweet tooth for
Band/artist history
Still writing it...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I used to play live with my previous band "The Raw Sickerts". Nowadays I'm kind of a recluse. As I see it now, this is the only way of doing something truly different and original. If I were living in some place "cooler" than this one I could probably find people with the same kinds of interest and the same will to compromise, so to speak. We tend to think the grass is always greener anywhere else anyway, so I don't have many expectations on that. Will I play live again? time will tell.
Your musical influences
Mostly old music (70's, 80's), underground and alternative bands as well. I don't know... I've my basic influences as anyone else (Agh! I'm NOT talking about The Beatles here!), say things like Bowie, Neil Young, The Doors, Joy Division, The Stooges, New Order and many others... Though I'm always open to discover new stuff and new kinds of music as long as it is something cool and honestly made. I have developed a taste for electronic music as well recently.
What equipment do you use?
Talking about equipment bores me to death...
Anything else?
I hope someday my music gets to the right ears, this day is still too far away in time I guess, maybe I'll be dead when this happens. Sometimes I think my days are numbered also, that, there is no much hope, I'm inclined to think that everything turns out to be quite ironic at the end. This remains me of a song called "Fruit Tree" by Nick Drake, it's got very beautiful lyrics this one, a very good old song indeed. I don't know... I guess I'll be around as long as I have something to say, even if it all finally disappears into the ether.