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Instrumentals - Beats General
Regular License $50 | Premium License $70 | Professional License $100.
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Instrumentals - New School
Invest In Yourself! Official Site Released - - New Pricing & Leasing Options! 2-4 New Beats Every Week! Use Code - GRIND - To Get 25% Off Airbit/Flashstore Orders - For Serious Inquiries Only -
PlayAbeat is meant to be in show business! He's devoted and very talented when it comes to entertaining others! Life is too short, why waste it... Have some fun
IAM5D is a multidimensional being and a collective consciousness operating on 3D earth bringing wisdom through frequencies and positive vibrations that equate t
I make beats. I do hip-hop, rap, Akon style beats. I lease them so if you like em and you're a rapper/singer/artist. You can have them. (for a price)
The music is a mix of many different styles therefore not being tied down to one single market. Good music is good music regardless of it's genre.
Toronto-based funk/soul/r&b band Methodology. With the release of their first album aWhat We Havea in Ja
Follow @4ortune2x on all social media sites. For bookings/features/business via email at or #YMTME #2XLEGACYF
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