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Sometimes I'll feel like ripping out a really heavy song, sometimes I'll feel like letting something really soft and light flow out. Sometimes I'll feel like pl
Lamb of piratey with a hint of boom, doom and gloom. Mix that with some old school guitar solos, and scorched earth sounding vocals and you get Pariaus. Most of
kick-ass acoustic, indie, folk, political/social lyrics
Meet Me at the Pub are a 3 piece from Venice Beach, Southern California. Their genre is unclassifiable and unpredictable. One minute you might be listening to a
Syconaut was formed as a band in Skövde, Sweden the summer of '99 by the consistent taste for music. The very first demo known as 'MARCH OF A NEW DIVISION' wa
In your face, comedic, satirical and usually offensive or immature lyrics set to music that comes from a very mature and serious place.
We're a four-piece hard rock/alt-metal band from the one and only City of Sin, Las Vegas! We kick-ass, melt faces, and take no prisoners in our crusade to creat
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