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Nina Ross is an unique female rapper from Philly moved to Atlanta. Possessing a contralto voice (the rarest & lowest female voice possible) she blends classic g
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Coppell Middle School North Honor Winds 2006-2007
Michael A Hughes is a musician/songwriter who performed in the Boston Massachusetts-USA local rock scene in the mid/late 1980s to early 1990s. From New England
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I go by the name (Eigh8T The Chosen One). I am just a man...Not a f..king super star! I don't throw money in anyone's face and I don't rap about materialistic s
I Am the CEO/Founder of 4 Xornerz Xrozz Ent./ Sacramento Native American/ Mexican American. Which I would call a Hybrid or Mexdian, I'm known as Mr. Tu-Tone cam
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