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Collab With Scott Supreme.
Extremely personal lyrics set to a wide range of musical styles; 60's folk rock, 80's alternative, and others defying description.
Psychedelic, folk-rock, country-rock, retro, oldies, jazz, world music, jamendo, free, creative commons, into cool stuff.
Shadowy lyrics,sweet Byrds-like harmonies & keen REM-like counter melodies aplenty from transplanted Englishman, and former Roger McGuinn sideman; a little bit
Lars Mars was described by one long time fan as Perfectly Imperfect.
an alternative, pop, rock, guitar & piano style band, focusing on melody, layering sound and words.
The Rockin' Cinders are a three piece new tradrock band from Los Angeles with a bulletproof song catalog in the style of The Rolling Stones The Strokes The
Jangly guitars with counter-punching leads. Melodic vocals, harmonic back-ups and thoughtful lyrics. Plenty of hooks with varigated chord changes leave you wait
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