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Becca Rae has gained the attention of media and fans across the country, with her powerful voice and inspired lyrics. Her music speaks directly to the heart, an
A souled out, not sold out CHRISTian. Music is the life for me, reppin' my Lord, my King, my Jesus to the best of my ability.
The FEASt, a modern rock alternative band that fuses all of the greatest attributes of rock history into one very original sound.
Jom Rapstar is a Hip Hop artist outta Portland, Oregon who suffers from asbergers symdrome, & so is concidered autistic, but very intellegent.
acidgecko, trance, dance, acid, unusual, drum and bass, electronic, games, musical, powerful, strength, speed
Khar-Mellah is a Hip-Hop/Pop artist with songs that can reach those in mostly every genre'. Khar-Mellah has performed all over her hometown and has opened up fo
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