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Controversial as well Intellectual, F*** the Main$tream draw from themselves & the world around them to create their own musical brew. With anthems for the fr
Alternative Rock Metal and Heavy Metal Original Music, AKA CJ Jacobson or CJ. Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Musician Alternative Hard Rock, Grunge Masteri
::ELECTRO:DEATH:ROCK:-:FETISH:INDUSTRIAL:-:NOIZE:: Powered by microchips and synthesizers, with a few riffs in between. It is so real it is unreal.
Dreams For The Dying - songs of tragedy, romantic suicide, darkness. Heavy rhythm guitars, choral sections, piano melodies and guitar harmonies laced with got
This is what Dogkuff sounds like: If you put about 6 ounces of Pantera, 3 ounces of Agents of Oblivion, and 5 ounces of Proon into a blender, set it to puree, w
John Mcginto is an instrumental/metal/blues one man band based out of Kroonstad, Freestate, South Africa drums are programmed and bass and guitar recorded
Dark and Melodious while expressing their feelings of Pain,the Unjust,Love,and the Spiritual through words and music.
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