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Instrumental, Experimental, Techno, Trance, Industrial, Retro-music, Rock, Pop, Drum N Bass, Funk, Ambient, Noice, Dance, R&B, Soul & Everything else mixed with
chants oiseaux Dombes - cris oiseaux dombes - cri animaux dombes - songs and calls of birds in la Dombes - calls of animals in la Dombes
chants oiseaux montagne - cris oiseaux montagne - cri animaux montagne - songs and calls of birds in mountain - calls of animals in mountain
The band UK LEGENDS are five legendary musicians from the UK in concert together. For the past four years The UK LEGENDS have been touring Europe performing t
Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Lines, Delta, Lines of D, Alternative, Music, Metal, UK, London
We been recording Nature Sounds for our films for 15 Years been to many amazing places and recorded some special moments, from night songs in the Australian Out
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