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Steve Lieberman (born 1958) (also known as the Gangsta Rabbi) is a Jewish-American punk rock singer, musician, composer and producer residing in Freeport, New Y
Exactly the same and drastically different then everything else you hear! We do things our own way...
"Fuse The Disconnect" is the solo project that I, Steve Zieja, am using to salvage the tiny bits of sanity I have left rattling around in my brain after my form
hip hop, indie, independent, hardore, rugged, manic, bi-polar, suicide, visual, rap, h.e.r., local, low budget, philly, bucks county, 215, 19135,
Kozak is an emcee from Guelph, ON. The vibe of the music can be best described as Cactus get outta my face with a mix of that puddle is asking for it. ENJOY!!
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