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I make all these beats by pounding my reproductive organs on keyboards and instruments. I write all my lyrics in the pitch black and recite them staring direct
Spurious (UK) british indie rapper, PAMRA (PPL) and Sincere Media Publishing. EXPLICIT LYRICAL CONTENT. Performing artist as the truth of something false... Ski
Cocktail of the american punk-rock 70th flavored with power-pop.
Rapper with unique recording style. 13 Years old, White. Explicit but meaningful lyrics.
Nefas, Dekrepit, Hell, Godlike, Heaven, Angellic, Demonic, Fake, Real, Reel, Jinn, Hip-Hop
Indefatigable pop rock mixed with earworm melody’s. Feel good, new wave rock with a hint of ska and funk.
Christian , lame, pussy, bitch, fag, fagget, ho, hoe, hoe ass nigga, wack, weak, hard, sentimental, queer, fake
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