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Instrumentals - East Coast
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Bob Wright, probably Norfolk's most prolific song writer. Country Blues to good old Rock and Roll.
honest, emotional indie-rock. we just love to play, and hope you guys like it too
Rock/Metal vocalist/instrumentalist, haunt music
Acoustic Indie Rock for the passionate ones... One part Americana Roots Rock, Two parts Britt Pop, and just a dash of Pinache - and you get the musical styli
Pahandle Playas, freestylers ,
Comedy , Stand up Comedy , stand up , stand , up , jerry , sienfield , routine , Levi , James , jackmode211 , easyjc2001 , eazyjc2001 , comedy club , club , fun
Philly's premier jamming funky folk-rock band of the early 80's
Hearing these CD sets would be like listening to a world music station or a rock station, an urban dance station, and lounge and chill station and then a dance
I Am A true To Form Musician And Artist From St. John's Newfondland....I Grew Up Loving All Hip Hop... Never Believed in My own Abilty To Write and Create....No
I'm a computer producer, I don't record, or do any live stuff, I just compose and produce in FL.
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