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We are Young Entrepreneurs with our sights high. Our band is Our company. Our music represents the daily struggle and perserverence until the casket drops.
Shy Hopkins is nothing to play with and nothing to miss! Keep checking for this gorgeous R&B groundbreaker, she's definitely on the rise.
I'm a music producer that makes sick beats. My music is deep, has it's soul, comes from a soul. I'm a music producer that'll make custom beats if someone is in
well myself az an artist iz pretty simple. i'm an pretty coo person once ya get 2 kno me, i love 2 write and anyone who kno'z me should kno that. About my muzik
hardcore punk straight-edge metal political emotional intense strong loud loyal
Her arrangements of standards and contemporary pop tunes blend genres effortlessly and with a fresh level of originality that is solidifying her own distinctive
Fire Lane is an all-Filipino alternative rock band. Fire Lane is JP Kabuhat on vocals/ guitar, Chico Encarnacion on bass, Strong on rhythm guitar, Dags Miguel o
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