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Kevin Schafer has released an independent CD called Invasion from Planet K that is guaranteed to blow your hair back faster than a ride in my convertible. Kev w
pRInCe a.k.a. M-City's Finest, Da FaM
I play keyboards, guitars and bass, as well as sing and compose this music, without any sampled music of any other artist, so my songs are 100% original. The mu
Composer/saxophonist Kevin Pike has released over 15 different concept albums. Genres include jazz, funk, third stream, world and indie pop.
Harvard Blue is a born winner. The artist, author, songwriter, music producer was born in the city of Cambridge, Ma. Raised by a mother, who he watched work 9 t
Hello, I am Mark Genesis. A fully dedicated 20 year old who spends all his time writing, recording and designing.
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