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2NDNATUREUK -- 2NDNTRUK... band partnership between clive tv, frank_uk & syksy uk... electronica, hip-hop & rap, rock & dance... fusion music or fusions of genr
Richard Linares, better known as The Man of the Hour, is a music producer from the San Fernando Valley, California. He first started out as a music fanatic, esp
space aliens,alien ufo,sex,alien,ufo,tesla,space,nasa,ebe,9/11,neo con,drugs,death,high wiredness,milfs,vomit,shit,crack,skagg,smack,cocaine,lsd,cycleing,kites,
A boy and his robot creating electronica to battle the tyrannical forces of 30XX.
emo piano/ trance/ techno/ emo guitar/ punk rock acoustic
a meticulous blend of hip-hop, rock, and baby makin' r&b serves as the anthem for this aspiring revolutionary from south pittsburgh.
To lyrically unseat the wicked....
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