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A re-recording of 'fiend angelica' that will be included in our upcoming self-titled release in September
Tighteyez Entertainment presents The Killa Team feat.. Tighteyez, Mac G, The Fee, Tycoon, and Insane ... From the ghettos of America.. Stockton California and
I hate my voice & delivery. I usually rap about shooting whoever's listening, & how i'm superior in bed. I'm old, so i use references you probably won't underst
Feat: mic, bb, e locs, cali marie, yung cutty mic, lil raider, moo moo, c-smokes, luni t, big e, skar, yonko g, zabb, mr. g, baliztek, young stacks, swerv, ilia
HIP HOP, RAP, Christian Rap, WEST COAST, FRESNO,Fresno Rappers,Fresno Rap,559 Rap, CALIFORNIA, 559, JESUS, GOD, BIBLE, CHURCH, PURE, JESUS 1ST, Jesus 1st Music
I write from various concepts, street antics to deep meaning raps to just about everything else. I try and be as diverse as I can be. I try and expand my music
i am influenced by all types of music so, im confident in saying i can make any style of beat. club,sampled hip-hop,them ground shakin knocks,i go them claps fo
Yawzy, 559, Local Artists, Big Yawzy, Randy Yaws, Hanford, CA, White Boy Rap
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