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We were founded to distribute the music of Baby Face and the Heels, the best tribute band to The Cowboy Gondoliers in the city.
Make music brighter! If you have reached this page you are moving in the right direction! It's time to make their music brighter, more interesting and attra
We are an electronic group from Culver, Indiana! We don't focus on any particular genre though, so be prepared to hear it all!
Soundisciples were originally Bristols WHORES OF BABYLON ( released a couple of albums 1994 1996 ) then became Soundisciples in 1998 when the direction of the
The Union Trade's music is beautiful, atmospheric and dark. From the spare and intense, to massive and dramatic, expansive guitar sounds collide as rich vocals
dnb, neurofunk,liquid,chill,house, future house,
production company focuced on dnb based out of oakville
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