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I am a Christian who writes cross-over folk rock, rock, pop and easy listening.
FOREVER CALLED Thomas Van Dyke -Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Keyboards Karen Pinkard- Keyboards, Vocals Tederra Harris- Vocals Julie Vinson- Vocals **and a cho
sad songs taped together with buzzing radiators, love mixed with burning oscillators,drugs,rock and roll, loud sounds, smoked too many cigarettes singer, starvi
Prophetic Miracle Ministries Worldwide (PMMW) is a church organization that covers churches world wide. Bishop Leo Lewis Sr is the presiding Prelate Bishop and
Solo.....with technology and other musicians as needed, or who want to contribute!
FREE, 3-minute songs with Christian messages. Uplifting, inspiring and/or thought provoking music and lyrics.
Wild, unique, streetwise and hardcore yet raised on classical culture. These are the things which comprise the genre of Aaron Bewza, as nothing else quite descr
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