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FBC Few But Crazy is rap group from the midwest, heavily influenced by the murderous underground rap scene. No bling bling or ching ching here, they mainly focu
We are a metalcore band from Northern NJ. We will play shows anywhere people will throw fists.
Self made musician. Those who do nothing finds excuses. Those who do something finds a way. I play guitar, piano and when needed, bass.
All of my many musical ideas/non musical ideas make up B a R K M a T T E R
Over the past 6 months, T has set out to find the MOST ELITE UNSIGNED TALENT that the local Chicago area has to offer in the RnB & Hip Hop industry. Aft
John Mayer got drunk with Rob Thomas and went on tour with the lead singer of coldplay as their keyboardist. It sold out lol.
Blues, R&B, and Pop Rock collide in an amalgam of brass and beat.
i've always been enfacuated by music, something about it is other-worldy; although not everyone can see this. its one thing to make music, and its another to co
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