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Hey, well I would say freestyle, with many influences. It's not that I am trying to be different it's just I am different, not much I can do about that. There
Visible Breath is the project name for Dun Strummin's brand of Prog, Fusion and Electronic sounscapes mixed up with a little Nu-Jazz, a touch of Funk, Ambient a
Third Stream Giants made the journey through jazz and fusion to land squarely on da funk! Starting as an instrumental jazz/funk group playing a mix of intricate
aFederation of the Disco Pimpa formed at the start of 2005 with the collective ambition to become the most extreme Funk/Dance band of the 21st Century. The band
Hiya, Im Lauren, aged 15 and live in West London. I've only been with Youtube for a short while, so if you spot any mistakes on any of my videos im really sorry
WTF is a fresh jazz-funk band from London. We blend funk, reggae, drum'n'bass, house, broken beats and rock elements into a jazz framework.
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