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The Shadowhillz | Purchase A License To Get The Untagged Version Of The Instrumental | Contacts:
Free DL Available On My Official Site | | Buy 1, Get 2 Free ($19.99-$100.00) | All Inquires
Originally designed to cause "the most god awful racket ever listened to by human ears" i've had a change of heart (of sorts) and try to write music that create
Fear of Sorrow is a hard rock band mixed with some heavy metal. Our infuences range from Aerosmith to Zombie, Alice in Chains to ZZ Top. Of course we can't leav
Noisy racket and short melody, detuned noise and guitars that go skronk.
Independent bubblegum pop for the sarcastic, fantastic and hopelessly romantic. The It Boy of the Minnesota pop music scene, Dennis Vogen of the Next Step writ
Dark Trinity, a Three Member Acid Rap/Metal/Rock Group Our Music is very different from any other form of rap, though we classify ourselves as Rap, if you he
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