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Instrumentals - Trap
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The Stan Laurels are a psychedelic pop/rock band who create lush, rich melodies which are heavily influenced by The Beatles, The Zombies, and The Flaming Lips.
A mix of Pink Floyd psychedelic sounds with high frequencies from new age music!
Experimental music ranging from minimalist dirges to guitar-oriented psychedelia
G. Hook is a one man band with 10 guitars and a small home studio. Mostly steeped in Blues and Jazz , he will wander often, trying his hand at any genera that p
Jorm is a world. Well, it's mainly the brainchild of my musical vision but onstage we are a whole band. On the recordings however, I solely perform all instrume
Spacerock with psychedelic and progressive touches.
The Infinite Trip is an authentic 60's inspired Psychedelic Rock / Garage band based the UK. We are two veteran musicians that are actual 60's survivors and we
Debut -Bop Deety- Number 1 ElectronicaX Next -Toilet Plugger- Number 1 ElectronicaX Third -Shooby- Number 1 AlternativeX
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