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Fancy Robot Penis is an alt-punk/sloshcore band from Florida featuring Micah McWiggins, 'Luke Warm' Terry Ide, and 'Doctor' Dan K, with the occasional support o
Rock, Roll, Indie, Grunge, Sublime, Good, Bad, Awsome, Cool, Hardcore, Hard, Cock, Penis, Poop, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, The, A, Poetry, Poem, Great,
ice and nails... raw mishy mashy collection of our modern and acient rock and pop and stuff in between... rock, pop, metal, funk, rap,punk, emo, hardcore blah b
We are the band that makee the coolest music in the city, its weird and cool and we do not do CHRISTIAN RAP i dont know why i tell that but its like that.
sex, sexy, hot, penis, murder, death, love, kill, fuck, cunt, tits, ass, beaver, bottom, pussy, lust,joke, i jest, you knave, stop reading these, rocking, aweso
Metal band formed in Colorado. We have been influenced by 7 decades of rock/metal music. We search for a heavy/melodic sound, while keeping a professional attit
Our music is not too heavy, not too soft...umm...cow pie! Our music should be just what you're looking for.
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