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A re-recording of 'fiend angelica' that will be included in our upcoming self-titled release in September
GIL KANEDA is a singer-songwriter-keyboardist-guitarist specializing in politically tinged power folk. GIL KANEDA is the anti-Trump troubadour.
A mix of heavy goth rock, shoegaze, and darkwave. Deliciously melancholy, and a bit hedonistic.
The Shanklin Freak Show are a theatrical electro-circus-steampunk band from outer-space. However, they currently reside on the Isle Of Wight - England. Start
Imagine banjo playing hillbillies and a backup band with numerous ethnic instruments jamming out with Depeche Mode...That is a close proxemity of The Artful Tod
We are a steampunk band with heavy influences such as Rammstein, Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil.
Skerror weaves elements of IDM, Hip Hop, Shoegaze, Industrial, Ambient, and Found Sound into lush, cinematic sonic tapestries. The result is an electrifying rid
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