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Sequence concentrates on new age hip-hop, R&B and modern music prodction.
Musica electronica secuencial. Analog sequencer. Model D Deep Mind 12 Doepfer A-100 Moog Mother 32 Yamaha PSR-S710 Novation KSRack Doepfer MAQ16/3
I provide a wide range of music related services. I transcribe music notation for most standard Western instruments (Guitar,Keyboard,Violin...) as well as provi
Just Joined Soundclick, A Complete Redesign is coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy the music ;)
Concealed Sequence have worked together now for the last six years on various projects ranging from Ambient to Noisecore. Zac works on the synthesizers, whil
There was a period of time, a long one. All things went by themselves, no nothing was happening while it was going on...
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