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Instrumentals - Trap
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Instrumentals - Trap
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The Greatest--Aka--O.z.
I hate my voice & delivery. I usually rap about shooting whoever's listening, & how i'm superior in bed. I'm old, so i use references you probably won't underst
PlayAbeat is meant to be in show business! He's devoted and very talented when it comes to entertaining others! Life is too short, why waste it... Have some fun
I'm a down to Earth, but some of the things I do are out of this world! I'm originally from San Diego, Ca and that's my first love, but right now I'm currently
I'm a Unique Blend of a Nigger hating Black man, an Intense Thinker, Chonic Masturbator, and a Role Model for the Fuck ups to look up to. I am a Juggalo!
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