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Bout U (JC x 300Cam)
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Spiral Dance, from Adelaide, play original high-energy Celtic Pagan Folk Rock music. Haunting vocals intertwine with fiddle, guitar, accordion, bass and drums
An experienced Witch priestess and ritual artist, Lady Isadora is a critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter, guitarist, arranger, and producer. She was one of th
Heretic is a pro-Pagan/Wiccan rock band whose music hearkens back to the glory days of '68-'79 when rock musicians were free to experiment with different musica
Pagan rock band with heavy blues and classic rock influences.
Haunting, Gothic, Darkwave with a dash of techno/dance all with death/vampiric vocals.
A wild, psychedelic, political alternative romp through rock and psychedelic space. Humour and an almighty thump from this very alternative Brit 4 piece special
Alternative folk rock and acoustic there's not really a genre Anacreon fits into new age themes but not new age music folk rock sounds but Celtic focused myths
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