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PIANORAMA - original piano music composed, performed and recorded by Elizabeth Anne Middleton - is described as "visual, evoking imagery and healing.
Classical, Electronic, Visual, Symphonic, Singer Songwriter, Pop, Experimental, Alternative, Easy Listening, Acoustic Piano, Opera, Acoustic Vocals
PHORIA is a unique 5-piece band from Brighton, with influences ranging from Radiohead and Elbow, to Sigur Ros and Cinematic Orchestra, producing varied, emotion
OICU812JACK is an eclectic mix of multiple personalities all balled up into a tight little fist. A fist of love, compassion and togetherness.
AmberRage is an upcoming rap artist from North Long Beach CA. Creative and talented, Rage has been rapping since 2010 and actively pursuing music since exiting
Living in a dream world producing surrealistic and visual soundtracks for your enjoyment. Analog Chill. Analogchill. Planetxchill. Pictures in Sound.
We sell non exclusive tracks. Tracks for albums , commercials , video games , film , and television.Currently our main work is submitting music to MTV Networks
New German Screamo/Emo-Band inspired by Metal, J-Rock, Visual Kei, Punk-Rock,...
chicago producer credits go to-KING SAMSON, SASHA GO HARD,BOSS WOO, LIL JAY, UNO,TAY RICO, NEW ARA,CO-STAR n MORE! check out my catalog of work at swaggedoutsto
Visual Ink Entertainment, atlanta, georgia, visual, ink, entertainment, morfeeus, music, rap, label, indie, crunk, hip hop
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