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FrEeZe MuZiK
Instrumentals - Club Bangas
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Gummy Beatz
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Instrumentals - Hardcore
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MORIAH MARTIN, TOP TEEN COUNTRY ARIST OF GEORGIA, vocals are more than amazing. Moriah's first CD titled BOOM BANG, includes 10 top internet hits. Moriah's fo
Artist History: In the past. A Complex Kid and Phil Lynn Da'Blank. Instruments: '00 Fender DG-10CE, '81Electra, Casio CTK-611. I'm @ Da Cadillac Ranch hanging
music from the heart of Texas from the heart of a Texan, country with a southern rock flavor
David Russell Moss: I write, perform and produce all the music you hear on my soundclick page. I also perform music from other artist as a Cover son
The four men from Sweden

with the Texas sound.

Visit www.texas
Jay Kaje (BMI) is an independent singer and songwriter. The songs of Jay and his primary collaborator and friend Ted A Davis (BMI) are on this website.
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