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Hello we are Buried by the Ocean, A melodic hardcore band from Grayslake, Illinois. Were five guys who love what they do, and do what we love. Five dedicated mu
We produce digital audio for clients, corporations, ourselves and radio stations all over the world!
Osei Ovid born on the cusps of rebirth somewhat of an elusive chameleon. I am a doer in addition to being a dreamer who possesses a rather no-nonsense attitu
Sometimes fast some times slow, little bit punk with a lot of soul. Rock ing out hard out of control. Influenced by many types of music, punk, rock, hip hop, re
DJ / MC / Producer MiC E.P. 2001 Present (13 years)Worldwide I am the first professional DJ & MC from USA to perform internationally as a headliner in Russi
Shoegazer, Electronica, Postrock, Ambient, mellow, conceptional album, soundtracky movie feeds ...
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