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a brazilian bluesrock band with original own songwriting material
95 user stations are playing my songs. I don't manage any station. So please, don't ask for add your newest track to my station. I don't have any! Thanks!
Female-only gothic metal band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Era para ser um sábado igual. Abri, ao acordar, a janela que dá para as roseiras do jardim e, ao lado de meu leito, encontro bem lacrada a caixa encantada com
My work is the search of a simple form to express through rhythms, timbres and climates the emotions contained in each subject that I develop.
Beats with Angolan flavoring. Sons temperados com aquela boa vinha d'alho só nossa!
Singer, Actor, Writer, Producer, Truth Seeker and Lover of Humanity who wants to travel the globe performing my music!
Follow your Instinct, warns MindFlow through the title of one of the songs from its new album. And that's exactly what the band does: a powerful progressive roc
Pollyanna Alves is a Brazilian singer and his band consists of bass, drums, keyboards, guitars and electronic samplers ...
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