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I Am Back / Jay Rock Type Beat (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Instrumentals - Gangsta
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RION, was raised in Northern New Jersey where he grew up writing lyrics and rapping at local house parties and clubs. An anxiety produced youth under the influe
We are SluggaBat Ent. composed of some of the greatest rappers out the ville.
Hiphop, rap, drugs, sex, money, love, hate, black, white, good, evil, music, movies, beats, rhymes, peotry, life, pain
The Underground Hip Hop movement is here. Save your ears and board our ship to a new dimension of thought and sound. Phat beats, thought provoking rhymes,
Heavens Devils - DJ Ovadose, Damnage, HDOT, Scorpion. Debut album, Raiders of the Lost Art, currently getting mastered and pressed. Rochester, NY. 585. We perfo
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