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Raspy vocals, twangy guitars. Songs about life, love, family and friends.
CCB's unique ability to transform raw emotion into words make them an underground sensation in an industry plagued by generic lyrics and bubblegum beats. They h
Number One Common create a fresh style of hard rock by throwing heavy grooves, alternative rock melodies, punk rock attitude and metal guitar solos all into the
Rich chords, soaring melodies, close harmonies and tight rhythms. Glen's music has it all. review
I'm from Duluth, MN and do some home recording off and on. I do some playing out for various things and do some writing as well.
John Brower - 20th Century Composer. Early works show an interest in pure electronic sound, middle and later works used tuned percussion.
Spoken word slam ego-poet with rap influences and Modest Mouse esque theology
Kaelic D'Armo-Kan, acoustic rocker from Duluth, MN. Soulful, heartfelt music? You decide.
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