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Instrumentals - East Coast
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Instrumentals - Beats General
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Jedi Superstar - Rock, Punk and Fun all rolled into one dynamic, Punktastic Band!
4 UK Hip-Hop, dubstep and conscious Hip-Hop, kev the poet aka KP the Hip-Hop Bard. For fans of Wu-Tang Clan, Kanye West, Eminem, Portishead, Public Enemy, rainb
tupac, 2pac, pac, nas, jay z, eminem, biggy, jedi, mindtricks, diddy, 50 cent, game, g unit, a todd
The Rap phenomenon Flawless AKA CJ DeFillippi
True gangsta rap at it's very best... And by gangsta we mean whiteboy... And by best we mean worst.
I pretty much like to do a little of everything but I gotta say that I love sampling the most. That East Coast feel with my own touch. But thats not to say that
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