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Instrumentals - Beats General
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Kevin Schafer has released an independent CD called Invasion from Planet K that is guaranteed to blow your hair back faster than a ride in my convertible. Kev w
neo retro adult comtemporary alt-country folk rock pop............
Die Hard Chicago Cubs fan. Born and raised in Chicago land. Every friend I had growing up was a Cubs fan. It's been a great ride being a Cubs fan. The big one i
This is a recording process in the works in Southern NJ, Atlantic City area. I play lead guitar, Keyboards, bass, vocals and I find different people for drums
Several lads playing typical rock-n-roll instruments, untypically. Accidentally listenable, jazz rock to inter-planetary improv.
Deep funeral, heavy, Norwegian, rock`n roll, 70`s rock.
Jack's original songs sound like they have been major hits for many years ... hypnotic and spellbinding, an act that is loved by all age groups.
Interests lie in 70-80s styled guitar rock and acoustic guitar.
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