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Anemic Cinema nace cual aborto de idea despues de ir a una exposicion sobre Duchamp, Man Ray y Picabia. Se trata, pues, modificando la descripcion de Lautrea
Artist of avant-garde creations way(sonaristical polyphony with concrette music style elements updated by sound sculpt)
CARNEM LEVARE, Marcin Pacuk, Potap Dermoff, grindcore, gorem punk, crust, extremity, obscene, surrealism, anti, metal, eclectic, dark humour, insanity, DIY, Bel
A broad mix between electronic european styles and traditional african stuff.
Awwa - founding member of The Mental Hygiene League. Come get your mind stretched.
Synthetic Music, Algorithmic Music, Surrealism, Generative Music, Studio, Musical Tapestries
Preacher Creature is a solo project I started to make my brain music into real music. The music is mostly electronic, but don't confuse it with electronica (it
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