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t.A.T.u: Yulia Volkova and Elena Katina (Russian) Rammstein: German
Pervert, Electronic, AcidElectronic Weird ElectronicNewMusic, SoundForge Music ElectronicMetal Band hatepeople BlackMetal covers
Imagine Trent Reznor armwrestling James Hetfield, with Rob Zombie as referee.
Beyette was born when a music-making addiction took over a hopeful future film director's career. After composing 7 instrumental albums, Beyette took on a new r
Robast is a Metalband from Germany.
We want to spread the whole world with our music that souns like Rammstein or Limp Bizkit, so I hope you'd like it!
Fool's Chaos is slap bass electro dance rock. Specializing in funky dance electronica, electro rock and dance metal. The music is Daftpunk, God is an astronaut,
VLAD IN TEARS .. is a darkrock / gothic band from Italy. The music from VLAD IN TEARS is unique, dark and heavy. VLAD IN TEARS are currently working on their fo
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