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Two rappers who reside from Suncoast, NFM Florida. Jay Da Breeze From Utica, NY and Lil Lando from Chi-town
I croon a kind of blues. Some of my stuff ends up stange for some people. I'm bored with singing well. I've been able to do that. I don't really know what I'm t
This is a uprising band - lil chip pop and truf- We are making music to make people get in their own mind state and experience a new style to hip-hop.
Look, Stranger! formed in early 2009 and play ferociously tight pop music stuffed to the gills with melody, groove and four part harmonies.
Look Inside THE EYE Mother Does Mad Acid Look Inside THE EYE DJ Sicky Tha Eyeballaz Look Inside THE EYE MC 5.9 - The Digital MC Look Inside THE EYE Experimental
lively energetic....
southern rap with a nice little florida twist....
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