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Instrumentals - Trap
2 basic lease 45.97 Imess : Mail : Credit : Lil Chuckee, Pso Thug, Sosa and 600 Artist around the glob
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Look Inside THE EYE Mother Does Mad Acid Look Inside THE EYE DJ Sicky Tha Eyeballaz Look Inside THE EYE MC 5.9 - The Digital MC Look Inside THE EYE Experimental
This is a uprising band - lil chip pop and truf- We are making music to make people get in their own mind state and experience a new style to hip-hop.
lively energetic....
southern rap with a nice little florida twist....
I croon a kind of blues. Some of my stuff ends up stange for some people. I'm bored with singing well. I've been able to do that. I don't really know what I'm t
Two rappers who reside from Suncoast, NFM Florida. Jay Da Breeze From Utica, NY and Lil Lando from Chi-town
Look, Stranger! formed in early 2009 and play ferociously tight pop music stuffed to the gills with melody, groove and four part harmonies.
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