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SPECIAL AUTUMN PROMOTION!!! ALL BOB's ALBUMS ONLY $2 DOWNLOAD EACH. Bob Wright, probably Norfolk's most prolific song writer. Country Blues to Rock & Roll
garage rock and roll meets alternative punk with ramones, mc5 influences.
Musician, Singer, Songwriter. Lots of HOT Classic style Rock n Roll Songs For you to enjoy!
Rock, Roll, Indie, Grunge, Sublime, Good, Bad, Awsome, Cool, Hardcore, Hard, Cock, Penis, Poop, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, The, A, Poetry, Poem, Great,
Rattle Candy is the newest rock 'n roll darlings to hit the Midwest...and I mean hit them where it counts!! With members from both sides of our fair(ly troubled
Deja Bleu plays a lot of older jazz standards as well as many current popular tunes. We arget the 40's through the 70's.
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