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Scott Supreme
Instrumentals - Trap
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Instrumentals - Trap
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Inspired by the beaches of Costa Rica, Barcelona nights, proverbial and literal mountain tops, eastern and western philosophies, introspection, dreams of equali
EverAfter... a Seattle-based original band which draws its influences from the great classic rock bands. The music has been described as philosophical
mostly acoustic, some metal, all strange. fingerprint chaos is a mix of weird chords, metaphoric and sometimes cryptic lyrics, kinda bluesy, dim and melodic, ph
Extremely lyrical and can be abstract and eccentric. Never does he have one flow and one topic, very jumpy with material but has endless ideas.
Spreading the good news of the "Gospel" through the Word & music with a fusion of southern blues rock, Latin, Jazz and a little country.
The Ultimate R.A.G.E. is a Chicago emcee with the education and musical talent it takes to be the best! Now he is set to be a leading voice in modern intellectu
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