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I play the Celtic Harp intuitively without sheet music. I have been working on bringing music out of the Hebrew text of the Psalms of David. The music is descri
Inspired by and in cooperation with heaven, I create "Kingdom Age," prophetic music. The musical styles I create span a variety of known genres, though it is my
Holy Hip-Hop, Hebrew-Hip-Hop, True-Israelite flavor with the Kings' Message prominently displayed in word and deed.....Come Sup with Us!
HADAR is a Jewish Zionist themed avant-garde musical project by Na'amah Bat-Sarah combining Ambient, Neoclassical, Experimental/Post-Industrial, Neofolk, and Ac
Messanayahs BIO Messanayah comes from a small town called Saginaw, Michigan. Both her parents were musicians. Messanayah studied Theology at Valley Bible Ins
Hebrew-Israelite Truth mixed with the modernity to reach yall lost Israelites!!!
A fictional band, performing science fiction songs. In Hebrew.
Christian Rap,Hip Hop, and Poetry of some bangin beats. With a little Hebraic feel to it. We call it Yiddish Rap, or Hebrew Hip Hop! Most of the songs have a p
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