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25, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, teacher, education, Arizona, ASU, Acoustic with vocals, hip hop guitar, reggae.
60s,The Beatles,Elliott Smith,Langley School Music Project,The Happies,Bright Eyes,The Polyphonic Spree,Neutral Milk Hotel,Nick Drake,Phil Spector,Johnathan Ric
Melodic, catchy, bittersweet. A modern singer/songwriter. Along the lines of Elliott Smith, Belle & Sebastian, Eric Matthews, Nick Drake, Badly Drawn Boy...
If you like Ben Folds, Foo Fighters , Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams and Ben Harper then you'll love HEADWAY! Visit Headway's MySpace page and get a FREE download of
Expecting Rain is a folk music project from Cleveland, Ohio consisting of Nick Tolar and Tony Vorell. We have a bunch of other people help out on our records,
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