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Fancy Robot Penis is an alt-punk/sloshcore band from Florida featuring Micah McWiggins, 'Luke Warm' Terry Ide, and 'Doctor' Dan K, with the occasional support o
An audio sketchbook. Independent, solo, experimental, artcore, progressive, post rock, avant rock, math rock, folk, art rock,
rock instrumental, one man band, multiformat, multi influences, rock and roll, gibson rocks, fender rocks, crazy, insane, music madness, fender, gibson, hendrix
Original Pop/Rock songs sung by a robot.
CosmoMoose is an electronic music project from British composer and musician Chris Medway. CM's aim is to create melodic, infectious and enchanting electronic d
Neutrino Shield's J-Dub started as a classically trained clarinet and trumpet player, and them moved on to guitar and piano, before discovering his passion for
The Pissed Off Robot. TPOR is what I go by now. Just imagine if you will pissed off robots (if they had emotions) making music. = me
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